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What is the meaning of coit in Hindi?

Meaning of coit in Hindi is :

Definition of word coit

  • To throw, as a stone. (verb)

Examples of word coit

  • Insularum, quas innumeras lateque patentes spargit, clarissimam, lævo alveo Astabores dictus est, hoc est, ramus aquæ venientis è tenebris; dextero veto Astusapes, quod latentis significationem adjicit, nec ante, quam ubi rursum coit, Nilua dictus est.
  • Every composition of them in this matter is, “Male sarta gratia nequicquam coit et rescinditur.”
  • * [2115] Male sarta gratia nequicquam coit et rescinditur
  • That garment was always known after as "the hallelujah coit."
  • And away he went out into the darkness and rain shouting, "A Hallelujah top coit!"


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