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What is the meaning of colonial in Hindi?

Meaning of colonial in Hindi is : नी बस्ती का

Definition of word colonial

  • of or pertaining to a colony. (adjective)
  • of or pertaining to a period when a country or territory was a colony. (adjective)
  • of or relating to the original Thirteen Colonies of the USA. (adjective)
  • of or relating to the style of architecture prevalent at about the time of the Revolution (adjective)
  • A person from a country that is or was controlled by another. (noun)
  • A house that is built in a style reminiscent of the period of the colonization of New England. (noun)

Examples of word colonial

  • They saw the dismantling of colonial rule through peaceful negotiation, except in Vanuatu; by the 1990s, only France and the U.S. remained “colonial powers” in the Pacific.
  • First, the term colonial feminism carries a snide implication that this alleged brand of feminism somehow subjects women rather than frees them.
  • Therefore, the term colonial is offensive to those peoples who have been liberated from imperialist oppression.
  • [10] Seasoning was the term colonial Virginians used to refer to the sicknesses that affected new immigrants, black and white, to the colony, until they developed immunities.
  • Even as his military was under siege, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi vowed to endure through a long war against what he called colonial crusader aggression by the international coalition.


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