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What is the meaning of colonnaded in Hindi?

Meaning of colonnaded in Hindi is : स्तंभावली युक्त

Definition of word colonnaded

  • Having one or more colonnades. (adjective)
    एक या एक से अधिक उपनिवेश होना।

Examples of word colonnaded

  • As a lure, Mr. Lehman will turn the two-story colonnaded Great Hall—occupied now by a site-specific installation by Brooklyn-based Situ Studio—into what he calls "an introductory gallery" that will give visitors a taste of what they'll encounter in the permanent collection.
  • The colonnaded west front is a sort of military parade ground along the lines of Nazi Nuremberg.
  • Visit Bastide d'Armagnac (labastide-darmagnac.net) with its enchanting square colonnaded central place; Notre-Dame des Cyclistes (notredamedescyclistes.net), a tiny 11th-century chapel where Tour de France competitors come to pray; the exquisite hamlet of Larressingle (and taste its equally exquisite armagnac – tinyurl.com/6z7yo22); the food market of Eauze and buy foie gras, croustade and armagnac direct from artisan producers. (tourisme-gers.com).
  • A colonnaded lobby and lofty, stuccoed ceilings give the hotel a yesteryear feel, as if to remind guests that the building has been hosting thermal bathers since the late 1800s.
  • The white, colonnaded mansion, built for British rulers of the Punjab whose pasty portraits hang inside, feels like a refuge and a throwback.
  • Nelson's already much talked-about installation, which opens to the public this Saturday, takes the visitor through the front door of the elegant, colonnaded 19th-century former tearoom that forms Britain's official pavilion and plunges them into a disorienting, dusty, crepuscular world full of labyrinthine passages, false walls and shoulder-hunchingly low ceilings.
  • I was sitting at a stone desk in a colonnaded courtyard on a speck of land in the Caribbean.
  • While the capital is filled with shelled ruins, the best of its h ousing stock includes colonnaded multistory buildings and historic villas.
  • And if they imagine that they are going to achieve anything desirable from the SEC, the supremely redundant appendix of American public life, or the under-worked, over-analyzed, colonnaded embourgeoisement of the American legal jungle complicit in the disappearance of the Bill of Rights into the sunset of simpler and more honest times, they are terminally naive.
  • With its lawns and gardens, its fine old mansion, its Spanish Courtyard and colonnaded Venetian Theatre, Caramoor has been going from strength to strength under the artistic directorship of pianist and conductor Michael Barrett, a former Leonard Bernstein protégé whose tastes are reflected in the festival's increasingly broad programming.