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What is the meaning of colored in Hindi?

Meaning of colored in Hindi is : रंजित

Definition of word colored

  • Having a particular color or kind of color. (adjective)
  • Having prominent colors; colorful. (adjective)
  • Influenced pervasively but subtly. (adjective)
  • Of skin color other than the white, particularly black. (adjective)
  • Of neither black nor white skin color. (adjective)
  • A colored person. (noun)
  • A colored article of clothing. (noun)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of color. (verb)

Examples of word colored

  • I said somewhere in the early part of this narrative that because the colored man looked at everything through the prism of his relationship to society as a _colored_ man, and because most of his mental efforts ran through the narrow channel bounded by his rights and his wrongs, it was to be wondered at that he has progressed so broadly as he has.
  • Ëœcoloredâ„¢ because it is impossible for something to be red and not colored.
  • According to journalist Clifton Johnson in 1904, the word was used to refer to blacks in the South and was chosen primarily for it's derogatory value, being considered more offensive than the term "colored," another term commonly used to refer to people of African descent at the time.
  • In some parts of Africa, the word colored is applied to those of mixed white and black ancestry.
  • It's an absurd reaction to the phrase 'colored people' but is, in effect, the same thing.


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