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What is the meaning of colorful in Hindi?

Meaning of colorful in Hindi is : रंगीला

Definition of word colorful

  • Possessing prominent and varied colors. (adjective)
    प्रमुख और विविध रंगों को धारण करना।

Examples of word colorful

  • In vignettes centering on a fiery local waitress, a seventh-generation fisherman, the doyenne of a fading lesbian power culture, an unrepentant jinx, and other characters for whom the term colorful does scant justice, he introduces a community bound by tradition, superstition, recalcitrance, and a profound, more visceral than affectionate love for the sea.
  • CHO: Yes, that's what you call a colorful preview of tonight's annual Memorial Day concert in the nation's capital.
  • "There is the Tasmanian myth," he says, the Norse-Viking myth and the Adam and Eve myth - which he describes as colorful, interesting and "of course, all false."
  • APPLETON - The exhibit closing Sunday at the History Museum at the Castle carries a title colorful and descriptive: "Times They Are A-Changing."
  • It's just that, a setting with instant recognition that allows them to have all kinds of crazy but recognisable enemies that can be destroyed in 'colorful' ways.
  • Women in colorful dress and white hats crouched by the river, dipping their blankets in the gray water running by and beating them with wooden sticks -- their primitive method of washing.
  • Surveying the shelves crammed with candies in colorful wrappers, I ask Cohen, Have you got Razzles?
  • These cupcakes have a vanilla butter cake base and are topped with a marshmallow cream cheese frosting that is coated in colorful sugar - just like Peeps are.
  • At one point, our group was taken to a bountiful restaurant where young waiters dressed in colorful cowboy outfits hurtled to and fro.