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What is the meaning of colorific in Hindi?

Meaning of colorific in Hindi is : वर्णिक

Definition of word colorific

  • That produces coloured precipitates (adjective)
    यह रंगीन अवक्षेप पैदा करता है

Examples of word colorific

  • i figured out how to make my name colorific on other people's buddylists.
  • Then she looked down at the endless colorific ridges below.
  • Professor Lippmann has created this elegant method of obtaining images which combine stability with colorific splendour.
  • X. Geographical distribution of the dye-Lichens -- with the effect of climate; situation, &c., on their colorific materials.
  • The fourth section of the paper was devoted to the consideration of the various tests of colorific power, which have been recommended by different authors.
  • The amount of this colorific matter may be estimated quantitatively by noting the quantity of the chloride of lime solution required to destroy this blood-red color in different cases: or the same result may be obtained by macerating for a short period in milk of lime -- filtering -- precipitating the filtered liquor by acetic or muriatic acid -- collecting this precipitate on a weighed filter -- drying at ordinary temperatures and again weighing.
  • "Of these, the greater number proceed on the principle of developing the coloring matter by some alkali, in conjunction with the decomposing action of atmospheric oxygen and water; others are founded on the reaction between colorific principles of certain of the dye lichens and some of our ordinary chemical re-agents."
  • Tests and processes for estimating qualitatively, and quantitatively the colorific powers of individual species -- with their practical applications.
  • While investigating the dyeing properties of the lichens, I made experiments, with a view to test their colorific power, on as many species as I could obtain in sufficient quantity, to render it at all useful to operate on -- that number, however, being very limited (between forty and fifty).