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What is the meaning of coloring in Hindi?

Meaning of coloring in Hindi is : रंजक

Definition of word coloring

  • Present participle of color. (verb)
  • An act or process which applies color. (noun)
    एक क्रिया या प्रक्रिया जो रंग लागू करती है।

Examples of word coloring

    • Unless it pulls a Prison Break and keeps me hooked with suspense or just generally improves as a show ... the coloring is a kepper, though, nice look.
    • You can type in coloring book and get over 12,000 or be more specific, for instance animal coloring books and I got 450+.
    • The coloring is obviously improved from an aesthetic point of view.
    • Christopher Serra "If you're going to tell it, there's no point in coloring it or shifting it," Mr. Richards said earlier this week at his manager's SoHo office.
    • As it stands, the coloring is doing all that work and not too effectively in my opinion.
    • • Jog continues his and Tucker Stone's dissection of Humanoids books with an interesting look at how changes in coloring can affect the impact of a work.
    • Â The coloring is a large part of the success of this issue, working with the art to create an engaging visual experience.
    • Its coloring is noticeably good for a free webcomic and a lot of the writing is solid.
    • Lindsey didn't think the soar coating was necessary, saying, "I'd prefer the plain stuff, although the coloring is kind of cool."