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What is the meaning of combined in Hindi?

Meaning of combined in Hindi is : स‌ंयोजित

Definition of word combined

  • Total of parts; united (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of combine. (verb)

Examples of word combined

    • When an element does occur by itself, as is the case with gold, we say that it occurs in the _free state_ or _native_; when it is combined with other substances in the form of compounds, we say that it occurs in the _combined state_, or _in combination_.
    • ; and takes the content of that, which is 7 msgbox combined = % combined% downcount = % downcount% return mount1 (downcount); irrelevant code
    • The preview allowed visitors to walk in and experience the space, which embodies the eclecticism and global design language of the label combined with the green thread of sustainability.
    • “Law of Simplicity” implies that a term combined with itself has no effect, hence A = AA = AAA = etc.
    • Tookey preferred to focus on performance on what he calls a "combined business basis" which he said showed the bank made a £1.7bn profit.


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