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What is the meaning of comfortable in Hindi?

Meaning of comfortable in Hindi is : स्वच्छंद

Definition of word comfortable

  • A stuffed or quilted coverlet for a bed; a comforter. (noun)

Examples of word comfortable

  • (for the general had chosen them) that they were each and all of them in their way comfortable, in the full English spirit of the word, and according to the French explanation of _comfortable_, given to us by the Duchess d'Abrantes, _convenablement bon_; but in compassion to Mr. Churchill's fastidious restlessness, she would now show him a perfection of
  • But that said, yes, for some people consuming porn can be totally unproductive, and the only way to remain comfortable is to forego it.
  • I take my stand, therefore, upon this incontestable fact, that the man of leisure becomes daily more reluctant to undergo fatigue, that he eagerly seeks for what he calls the comfortable, that is to say for every means of sparing himself the play and the waste of the organs.
  • Due to the many hassles of modern air travel, my wife and I fly as absolutely little as we can but when we do fly we use Southwest Airlines whose coach seats are a bit more comfortable than other airlines we've flown using the word comfortable loosely.
  • Crocker earns what he describes as a "comfortable" living from his cut of YouTube profits through their Partnership Programme.


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