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What is the meaning of comforted in Hindi?

Meaning of comforted in Hindi is :

Definition of word comforted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of comfort. (verb)

Examples of word comforted

  • Must I be comforted, not in his sphere] I cannot be united with him and move in the same _sphere_, but _must be comforted_ at a distance by the _radiance_ that shoots _on all sides_ from him.
  • But the worst of it is, that in such afflictions as yours is, the idea of ever becoming comforted is altogether loathsome, and so, my darling, I can do you no good.
  • Your choir-preaching was a form of feel-good masturbation, and you could remain comforted by the fact that the people who didn’t get your obscure message were idiots who you didn’t want on your side anyway.
  • "Let Me Down Easy" is a phrase that comforted Joel Siegel, the ABC film critic who died of cancer in 2007.
  • I was reminded of the time I truly understood what Robert Frost meant when he said "I have been one acquainted with the night" and how that phrase comforted me.


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