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What is the meaning of comforter in Hindi?

Meaning of comforter in Hindi is : सान्त्वनादाता

Definition of word comforter

  • A person who comforts someone who is suffering. (noun)
  • A padded cover or quilt for a bed. (noun)

Examples of word comforter

    • I could be wrong about this, but I always thought the duvet was meant to slip inside of a cover, while the comforter is already decorative and is meant to be used as is.
    • This comforter is the Spirit of truth, whom you know, v. 16, 17.
    • If a comforter is used, cover it with an allergen-proof cover to keep the mites out.
    • I have new sheets and new pillows (my new comforter is back-ordered, but enroute) and I begin to understand Brian Wilson's point.
    • Mostly, I cling to blankets in the summertime because the comforter is hot, heavy, and a bear to wash if anything spills on it.


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