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What is the meaning of coming in Hindi?

Meaning of coming in Hindi is : होनेवाला

Definition of word coming

  • The act of arriving; an arrival (noun)
    आने की क्रिया; एक आगमन
  • Next. (adjective)
  • Present participle of come. (verb)

Examples of word coming

  • Thus from the general tenor of prophecy it appears that infidelity will have overspread the world _when the Son of man shall come_ to reign upon it: And as this agrees to no other coming of his foretold by the prophets, there can be no reasonable doubt what _coming_ is intended in the text.
  • Great Rome will soon be sacked with Romans, for her boy is coming home; the child of her instinct, the son of her ignorance, the son of her RELIGION, is _coming home_.
  • He saith, that because the coming of _Christ_ should be long deferred, they should scoff, saying, _where is the promise of his coming_?
  • Christ’s coming, or εἰσοδου, — _coming in_, as the Septuagint read, meaning his coming, or entering into his temple, mentioned in the first verse; by which temple Jerome upon the place rightly understandeth the church, or spiritual temple.
  • My mistake was in coming from the unwashed of the East End. There were not many who came from that quarter.
  • Enjoyment was not a word coming out of the England camp, even though they won their first Six Nations title in eight years.
  • That the recognition he received was slow in coming, is in part explained by the fact that he was already in middle life before he published anything likely to arrest the attention of the public in these islands, Catholic or non-Catholic, and that he was well past that period when his most important work was done.
  • And Robert Putnam, it's interesting - again coming from a theocracy like Saudi Arabia, but nevertheless - well, not quite a theocracy, but the king is the protector of the two holy places.
  • Regardless of the spin coming from the city's troubled daily newspaper, Paulson is not putting $69 million into the stadiums deal -- at least not the way today's story describes it.
  • “Yes,” he said, the word coming out in a dry whisper.