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What is the meaning of comm in Hindi?

Meaning of comm in Hindi is :

Definition of word comm

  • communication (abbreviation)

Examples of word comm

  • A few weeks ago, Senator Bob Casey, who opposes legal abortion, introduced what he described as a comm ... digg
  • It might be a simple matter of accessing a database and calling her comm number—or it might not.
  • The only thing that came over the comm was a slight sniffle, undoubtedly attributable to Sissiph (she had given in to curiosity and Hipped on her unit).
  • It's called a comm implant, and most senior Imperials have them.
  • And another thing...did anyone else look at the sign in the back of the tank cake, see the word "comm" probably short for communication and think ".com" until they realized what century this was taken in?