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What is the meaning of commend in Hindi?

Meaning of commend in Hindi is : सौंपना

Definition of word commend

  • To congratulate or reward. (verb)
  • To praise or acclaim. (verb)
  • To entrust or commit to the care of someone else (verb)
  • To force in a mental way (verb)
  • commendation; praise (noun)
  • compliments; greetings (noun)

Examples of word commend

  • Actually, what I really want to commend is the book.
  • Pilotshark, I again commend you on your compassionate approach to teh trolls — offering them help to overcome their affliction, rather than simple derision.
  • Whether we may herein commend his prudence I know not; the event does not commend it, for it did not prove at all to his comfort.
  • The president said he wanted to "commend" McCain, who "has already paid a significant political cost for doing the right thing" on immigration.
  • But I see that she does thank the people of NC and I guess "commend" is the same as congratulate.


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