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What is the meaning of commendator in Hindi?

Meaning of commendator in Hindi is : सिफारिश करने वाला

Definition of word commendator

  • A cleric who held a commendam. (noun)

Examples of word commendator

  • The most usual arrangement for the division of the profits of the adventure was that the _commendatarius_ should receive one-fourth and the _commendator_ three-fourths.
  • The legitimacy of the profits of the _commendator_ never seems to have caused the slightest difficulty to the canonists.
  • This happened about 1528, and in 1539 the office of commendator was given to Robert, natural son of James V., while still an infant.
  • Hamilton, the commendator, and various members of the Abercorn family lie buried in the vault below, the chapel belonging to the present Duke, and being under his control.
  • In 1511 the Bishop of Caithness was appointed commendator, and decline of the abbey soon followed.


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