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What is the meaning of commendatory in Hindi?

Meaning of commendatory in Hindi is : सिफारिशी

Definition of word commendatory

  • Serving to commend or compliment; complimentary (adjective)
  • A commendation; eulogy. (noun)

Examples of word commendatory

    • St. Andrews); he was also "commendatory" abbot of important monasteries both in Scotland and England.
    • One and all, the professors, the preachers, and the editors, hold their jobs by serving the Plutocracy, and their service consists of propagating only such ideas as are either harmless to or commendatory of the Plutocracy.
    • The LDS situation seems pretty weak, too – the references to social justice are pretty rare, and not all that commendatory.
    • It is not in my power, and I hope it is not in my nature to dictate, but I do certainly know Sir that the entire omission of every thing of that tendency would give the majority, if not every reader a fresh interest in the history of the poem, and the commendatory notes from
    • Though each had written to me commendatory letters and telegrams that were far more generous than I could possibly deserve, yet neither ever expressed to me, verbally, any compliment beyond, “Well, so far, you seem to be doing alright.”


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