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What is the meaning of commended in Hindi?

Meaning of commended in Hindi is :

Definition of word commended

  • Simple past tense and past participle of commend. (verb)

Examples of word commended

  • Dublin commended college as one of the few places that did push girls toward academic and professional life, but he worried that college had become too one-sided, with not enough emphasis on relationships with men or the family.
  • One has tried to show that they are not really in the nature of concessions to Mrs. Grundy, but that the terms commended are in point of fact of more intrinsic worth than those to which she objects.
  • Mrs. Ormonde had scarcely with a word commended her singing, and had spoken of the lessons as something that might be useful, with no more emphasis.
  • Furthermore, by His rising on the third day, the perfection of the number "three" is commended, which is "the number of everything," as having "beginning, middle, and end," as is said in De Coelo i.
  • In Russia, as a recent mode of treatment, _urtication_ is now enthusiastically commended, that is, slapping, or pricking with a bundle of fresh Nettle twigs for one or more minutes, once, or several times in the day.


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