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What is the meaning of commending in Hindi?

Meaning of commending in Hindi is :

Definition of word commending

  • Present participle of commend. (verb)

Examples of word commending

  • CNN has a crush on Palin commending her earlier for having TWO speaking engagements in the next year.
  • Most High and honoured the Captain commending his care and zeal and advancing him in rank.
  • The apostle never flattered his friends, but he took pleasure in commending them, and speaking well of them, to the glory of God and for the excitement and encouragement of others.
  • It is a great encouragement to us, in commending the disciples to the Lord, that we can say, "It is he in whom they believed; we commit to him those who have committed themselves to him, and who know they have believed in one who is able to keep what they and we have committed to him against that day," 2 Tim. i.
  • I believe on these very pages I once said a few words of praise for the American garbage disposal, and I clearly recall commending our local post office for providing me with a free doughnut on Customer Appreciation Day.


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