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What is the meaning of commerce in Hindi?

Meaning of commerce in Hindi is : स‌ंवाणिज्य

Definition of word commerce

  • The exchange or buying and selling of commodities; especially the exchange of merchandise, on a large scale, between different places or communities; extended trade or traffic. (noun)
  • Social intercourse; the dealings of one person or class in society with another; familiarity. (noun)
  • Sexual intercourse. (noun)
  • A round game at cards, in which the cards are subject to exchange, barter, or trade. (noun)
  • To carry on trade; to traffic. (verb)
  • To hold intercourse; to commune. (verb)

Examples of word commerce

  • The more perfect the power of association the greater must be the power to maintain commerce, for _every act of association is an act of commerce_, as it is proposed now to show, beginning at the beginning, in the family, which long precedes the nation.
  • The architectural appearance of this edifice reminds us a little of the severe style of the florentine architecture; the large doorway is ornamented with the attributes of commerce, as likewise the coping of the edifice; two bas-reliefs, of eight and a half feet high, and sculptured on stone by David, representing the _symbols of navigation and commerce_, decorate the middle of the facade on the first floor.
  • It's Official: President Obama names GOP Senator Judd Gregg Commerce Secretary The president officially taps New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, a Republican, for the position of commerce secretary at a ceremony at the White House this morning.
  • Every branding effort in commerce is an attempt to create a separate identity for a product in the public mind.
  • No previous use in commerce is required, and a simple affidavit is considered sufficient proof of use for renewal.


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