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What is the meaning of commission in Hindi?

Meaning of commission in Hindi is : सौंप

Definition of word commission

  • A sending or mission (to do or accomplish something). (noun)
  • An official charge or authority to do something, often used of military officers. (noun)
  • A body or group of people, officially tasked with carrying out a particular function. Eg: The European Commission, The Electoral Commission, The Federal Communications Commission. (noun)
  • A fee charged by an agent or broker for carrying out a transaction. Eg: Reseller commission, Finder's fee. (noun)
  • the act of committing (e.g. a crime) (noun)
  • The name of a service provided to validate the completeness and accuracy of a project or venture. (noun)
  • To send or officially charge someone or some group to do something. (verb)
  • To place an order for (often piece of art); as, commission a portrait. (verb)
  • To put into active service; as, commission a ship. (verb)

Examples of word commission

  • In numerous letters to various editors after September 11, he protested that he had never meant to endorse “terrorism,” which he defined as the commission of “random acts of terror against people.”
  • To a company, a commission is a bit like a tax in that their expense goes up when sales go up & often commission rates increase for heavier sales.
  • That quote made me wonder if the commission is authorized to smack people.
  • "I wouldn't use the word 'commission' anymore," she says.
  • This commission is a little late to the party, and what the hell is Jeff Greason doing on the list?


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