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What is the meaning of communicate in Hindi?

Meaning of communicate in Hindi is : स‌ंसूचित करना

Definition of word communicate

  • To impart or transmit (to another); to give a share of. (verb)
  • To impart information or knowledge of; to make known, to tell. (verb)
  • To share (in); to have in common, to partake of. (verb)
  • To receive or take part in Holy Communion. (verb)
  • To express or convey ideas, either through verbal or nonverbal means; to have intercourse, to exchange information. (verb)

Examples of word communicate

  • —STEVE CASE, CHAIRMAN, AMERICA ONLINE he root of the word communicate, the Latin communis, means to partake or share, the same as in words like community and communion.
  • I also compile lots of research to back or inform the ideas that I hope to communicate from a more personal perspective.
  • "I think the ability to communicate is often referred to and talked about and is vital to success, but I think that it may even be trumped by the ability to listen and hear from what your players are experiencing and make judgments on that to move forward."
  • From being mainly reliant upon a laptop or netbook to keep in touch, I am now able to communicate from a pocket-sized device whenever I want and wherever I happen to be.
  • China touts the ABILITY to communicate is expanding: The combined number of fixed and mobile phone users reached 1,061.07 million, an increase of 79.47 million over that at the end of the previous year.


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