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What is the meaning of communicative in Hindi?

Meaning of communicative in Hindi is : स्फुट

Definition of word communicative

  • Someone or something which tends to eagerly and effectively communicate. (adjective)

Examples of word communicative

  • … Learners do not find room to speak as themselves, to use language in communicative encounters, to create text, to stimulate responses from fellow learners, or to find solutions to relevant problems (pp 8-9).
  • Cognitive theorists might add that the attention to meaning required in communicative interaction requires that learners ‘park’ their concern for formal accuracy, and thereby develop strategies – such as ‘chunking’ – that promote fluency.
  • Anyone who works with those who do not speak know that the word 'non-verbal' used to mean 'non-communicative' is just a falsehood.
  • a letter just received & caught myself commenting & rhapsodizing aloud! see how communicative is my disposition — a heart full of romance
  • Thanks, Simon for your thoughtful, even impassioned, comment – it’s never too late to hear from someone such as yourself who has been at the forefront (one can’t say ‘cutting edge’ anymore, unhappily) of developments in communicative methodology and materials writing for so many years.


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