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What is the meaning of communicator in Hindi?

Meaning of communicator in Hindi is : सूचना देनेवाला

Definition of word communicator

  • Someone who, or something that communicates (noun)

Examples of word communicator

  • Feynman's excellence as a communicator is a topic all to itself.
  • The first step to becoming a great communicator is to not assume that you already are!
  • It had a brief revival in the '80's (E.T. gets the idea for his communicator from a Buck Rogers strip), and the character has been adapted numerous times for radio, television, and movies.
  • The Sunday school version of the relationship between Moses, the lawgiver, and Aron, the communicator, is one of fortuitous complementarity, a Hebrew Bobby and Jack Kennedy.
  • To be clear in a complex world, the rational linear communicator is forced to either ridiculously oversimplify a situation or disappear into mumbo-jumbo bizspeak.
  • Suit yourself, but this strategic communicator is am-scraying.