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What is the meaning of communicatory in Hindi?

Meaning of communicatory in Hindi is :

Definition of word communicatory

  • Whose function is to communicate (adjective)

Examples of word communicatory

  • Obviously, their head size reflected their mental capacities and her sudden unexpected appearance had overtaxed their limited abilities, both mental and communicatory.
  • "The riots did not originate from abroad, but were the product of internal discontent," heexplained, saying that unlike the huge police presence in the region, "restriction of communicatory freedoms would not prevent new riots."
  • He extrapolates these mechanisms to constitute bases of communicatory functions by sharing above machineries among individuals, and eventually understand neural mechanism of social behaviors.
  • The New York Times reports that voicemail, once a communicatory boon, is being abandoned by many young professionals in favor of email and text messaging.
  • That was when my wonderment at the difference between our communicatory methods began to kick in.


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