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What is the meaning of companionship in Hindi?

Meaning of companionship in Hindi is : सौबत

Definition of word companionship

  • The state of having or being a companion. (noun)

Examples of word companionship

  • Either way companionship is often a menu item and some of the ladies are not really hookers but are looking for a better situation in life and are making some money in the process.
  • The companionship is so great, and the experience so unique, that it makes the perfect cap to a spring season.
  • Now I'm feeling worried about my 11/2-year, long-distance relationship and how it probably will not result in marriage/long-term companionship/whatever since we have pretty different priorities, and wondering what the point is, then.
  • Despite a small team of mechanical men, Harold's only source of human (- like) companionship is his true love, Prosepero's daughter Miranda, who may or may not even be alive as she only speaks to Harold through a series of speakers placed around the ship.