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What is the meaning of complain in Hindi?

Meaning of complain in Hindi is : शिकायत करना

Definition of word complain

  • To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. (verb)
  • To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge. (verb)

Examples of word complain

    • III. ii.31 (278,2) [complain of good breeding] I am in doubt whether the custom of the language in Shakespeare's time did not authorise this mode of speech, and make _complain of good breeding_ the same with _complain_ of the want of _good_ breeding.
    • The squeeky wheel gets the grease so these very angry groups with "family" in their title complain and flood the fcc with complains and threaten to boycott advertisers if they continue to advertise on "family-unfriendly" shows. 90% of people in the US may not care, but that 10% makes enough noise and the networks back down and put on yet another cop or lawyer show.
    • My only complain is how fantastically slow Smith is.
    • Very funny, and I will never again complain about any of my bosses, who have (for the most part) all been pretty good, and some have been excellent.
    • Chas replied to battle angel alita battle angel alita, you can go a step even further than boycotting Virgin - complain to ASA and Virgin themselves and get this godawful ad pulled from our TV screens.


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