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What is the meaning of completing in Hindi?

Meaning of completing in Hindi is : पूरा

Definition of word completing

  • Present participle of complete. (verb)

Examples of word completing

  • (The role of employment in 'completing' an education is ignored by CCS who seem to believe that a graduate should be 'ready baked').
  • Incidentally, even if Whitman's nanny agency handled the I-9, that doesn't let her off the hook for violations in completing the form.
  • If you consider yourself a person who has climbed great heights or ran great lengths to find God, then I ask that you consider the story of Christ in completing this journey and blazing the paths of a new one.
  • It's not just offering the courses, it having families who support each other in completing the programs, attending classes, doing the work, and making that a priority.
  • My dream is that the school would allow the kids a little leniency in completing their homework since I kept them home a full week to keep them from infecting other people.
  • There was no extra burden at all in completing that form.