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What is the meaning of completion in Hindi?

Meaning of completion in Hindi is : समाप्ति

Definition of word completion

  • The act or state of being or making something complete; conclusion, accomplishment. (noun)
  • The conclusion of an act of conveyancing concerning the sale of a property. (noun)
  • The act of making a metric space complete by adding points. (noun)
  • The space resulting from such an act. (noun)

Examples of word completion

  • And if there is a way for someone to be logged into their Google account from an application then the label completion could extend to even application implementations of Oplop.
  • Comcast and GE said they will make no other announcements about structure or personnel until the timing of the deal's completion is certain.
  • In the traditions of coin collecting in the U.S., completion is a value of a high order.
  • I agree with what you are saying, about how the act of completion is also the elimination of possibility and, by extension, hope.
  • After matching, loan completion is subject to anti-fraud and credit-checks.


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