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What is the meaning of compliment in Hindi?

Meaning of compliment in Hindi is : सराहना

Definition of word compliment

  • An expression of praise, congratulation, encouragement, or respect. (noun)
  • Complimentary language; courtesy, flattery. (noun)
  • Common misspelling of complement. (noun)
  • To pay a compliment; to express a favorable opinion. (verb)
  • Common misspelling of complement. (verb)

Examples of word compliment

  • These notest be called “compliments” and any good pirate knows a compliment is all but a flirt wrapped up in a pretty bow.
  • Now, that is what I call a compliment worth having.
  • "That's what I call a compliment worth having," said Byles Gridley to himself, when he got home.
  • LOL ... yeah, my favorite "compliment" is "That was pretty good", complete with the shoulder shrug.
  • What begins as a compliment is quickly met with, "And what do I look like most days?"


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