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What is the meaning of compliments in Hindi?

Meaning of compliments in Hindi is : शुभकामनाएं

Definition of word compliments

  • Plural form of compliment. (noun)

Examples of word compliments

  • It's all relative, in the end, and when Amy Grech is amassing compliments from the likes of Joel Sutherland and Nate Kenyon -- two accomplished authors of dark fiction -- she's certainly on the right path.
  • Sincere compliments from a coworker or a boss are nice, but outrageous flattery is often an attempt to draw you into a sociopath's snare.
  • So I learned that giving compliments is a great way to change the world!
  • She got alot of compliments from the guys and from the wardens, and I hope that she will want to continue.
  • TBD's Jenny Rogers collected the best faint praise and back-handed compliments from the press conference.
  • I realized this past week one of the things that bothers me so much about this whole “getting hit on” conundrum … First, it makes you uncomfortable – even the nicest least aggressive of compliments is quite frankly weird and uncomfortable, and immediately makes you feel like a sex object rarther than a person.
  • The problem with lyrical realism is that it wants to be "observant" of reality (think of that most sought-after of compliments from a reviewer that the Author is Very Observant) but really what even the best of it achieves is not usually recognizable as "real."
  • The Washington Post's Steven Pearlstein compliments Bush's "political courage" in addressing the issue in this manner.