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What is the meaning of component in Hindi?

Meaning of component in Hindi is : स‌ंघटक

Definition of word component

  • A smaller, self-contained part of a larger entity. Often refers to a manufactured object that is part of a larger device. (noun)
  • Making up a larger whole; as a component word. (adjective)
  • Made up of smaller complete units in combination; as a component stereo. (adjective)

Examples of word component

  • And just so you know, we insisted that the vitamin component is OPTIONAL for all winners.
  • The graphic is an attempt to show that scanagent is the 'orchestration' my term component - meaning it leads the process but has to pull in other pieces to help out along the way.
  • NHibernate uses the term component for a user-defined type that is mapped to columns in the row of another entity.
  • The reel as a component is the greatest factor which determines the difference between victory and defeat when encountering really large fish.
  • Whether the component is a motor, a control valve, a star tracker, an antenna or a chip, it is simpler to look for non-American alternatives.


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