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What is the meaning of composer in Hindi?

Meaning of composer in Hindi is : स‌ंगीतकार

Definition of word composer

  • One who composes; an author. (noun)
  • Especially, one who composes music. (noun)
  • : One who, or that which, quiets or calms. (noun)

Examples of word composer

  • For example, for a mail client which has one main window showing the mails and folders, and which can also have one or more windows for composing mails, the name for the folders window should be e.g. "mainwindow" and for the composer windows "composer#".
  • So, although there are nearly as many composers and sound designers working in theater as songwriters, to most directors, actors, and producers, the term composer means a person who writes musicals.
  • I may not know much, but I think I know a little bit about compositional practice — studying to be a composer is a lot of investigating how the old masters got from point A to point B, or even how they got to point A in the first place — and I can say that any attempt to generalize the way great works have come into being is a fool's errand.
  • Anyone who has ever seen the Underworld movies can recognize the sound a certain composer has.
  • This singer, songwriter and composer is probably best known for his performance in the television series, The Partridge Family, with his step-mother, Shirley Jones.


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