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What is the meaning of comprehends in Hindi?

Meaning of comprehends in Hindi is :

Definition of word comprehends

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of comprehend. (verb)

Examples of word comprehends

  • It is a matter of controversy whether the Tractatus reserves the term ˜name™ for semantically simple symbols referring to individuals (particulars), or whether the term comprehends semantically simple symbols of all types.
  • But as I see no adequate reason for this exclusive sense of the term, I have reverted to its wider signification, authorized by our elder theologians and metaphysicians, according to whom the term comprehends all truths known to us without a medium.
  • This title comprehends those societies which maintain common ownership of the means of production and distribution, e.g., land, factories, and stores, and also those which further extend the practice of common ownership to consumable goods, e.g., houses and food.
  • This term comprehends all constructions erected for the celebration of liturgical acts, whatever be the name given to them: -- church, chapel, oratory, basilica, etc.
  • [31] This term comprehends various retributions made to persons whose offices are taken away, or who in any other way suffer by the new arrangements that are made.


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