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What is the meaning of comprehensible in Hindi?

Meaning of comprehensible in Hindi is : समझने के योग्य

Definition of word comprehensible

  • able to be comprehended (adjective)

Examples of word comprehensible

  • He was not the first to publish a detailed survey of architecture, but his treatise was written in comprehensible language, relatively unencumbered by philosophical verbiage and richly detailed with how-to instruction.
  • Of course, it needs to remain comprehensible to readers in 2010, which hobbles me considerably.
  • This phenomenon is easily comprehensible from a physiological standpoint, but to the man who makes the discovery for the first time, it is a most wonderful thing.
  • How she betrays a political secret; how cruel, yet how comprehensible, is Dacier's conduct, the reader will learn in chapters full of charm.
  • That is the keynote of the Crébillon novel: it is the handbook, with illustrative examples, of the business, employment, or vocation of flirting, in the most extensive and intensive meanings of that term comprehensible to the eighteenth century.


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