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What is the meaning of compressible in Hindi?

Meaning of compressible in Hindi is :

Definition of word compressible

  • able to be compressed (adjective)
  • Containing a circle that does not serve as the boundary of a disk that lies in the surface, but does serve as boundary of a disk that lies in the ambient manifold. (adjective)

Examples of word compressible

    • About mid-day the pulse has come down to 80; and though feeble and compressible, is a very respectable pulse.
    • This suggests that some parts of the brain are more 'compressible' than others, he said.
    • Your other options are. tif,. gif and. png (among others), but most of the time you'll use. jpg files because they're compressible, meaning able to be shrunk and downloaded quicker.
    • The file size (bitrate) will vary depending on how "compressible" your video is.
    • Of course, when you "Download Your Information," it's still a cloud of bits and bytes, a compressible, zappable zip.


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