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What is the meaning of compulsory in Hindi?

Meaning of compulsory in Hindi is : अनिवार्य

Definition of word compulsory

  • Required; obligatory; mandatory (adjective)
  • Having the power of compulsion; constraining (adjective)
  • Something that is compulsory or required. (noun)

Examples of word compulsory

  • The term compulsory, if it has any meaning at all, means that the person has no choice about it.
  • So I was annoyed but not surprised to learn this week that: "State school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons."
  • It recommends that governmental control over syllabuses be reduced and that the topics covered in compulsory mathematics education be made more rigorous, to encourage independent thinking and problem solving.
  • And no wonder, when you consider just what is involved in compulsory school mathematics.
  • After all, Israel has a rare commodity: more or less its entire young female population spends some time in compulsory military service.


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