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What is the meaning of compute in Hindi?

Meaning of compute in Hindi is : परिकलन करना

Definition of word compute

  • To reckon or calculate. (verb)
  • To make sense. (verb)

Examples of word compute

    • Obviously the one thing that Wolfy can't compute is how to have sufficient servers to handle it's user load. palmerkun jthatch
    • You'll probably find (after you spend some time here) that most of us started in Linux because we were looking for a better way to "compute" - we started dual-booting Windows and Linux, but started booting the Linux side more and more often, simply because we can use our machines rather than just having to maintain them all the time.
    • 103 His malady increased, and after a dysentery which continued three days, he expired in the palace of Ravenna, in the thirty-third, or, if we compute from the invasion of Italy, in the thirty-seventh year of his reign.
    • We’ll be able to compute from the knowledge that our civilization has accumulated.
    • What doesn’t quite compute is that the robot goes to all this trouble to look and breath like a sex kitten, but the speech is very mechanical in some parts.


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