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What is the meaning of concealed in Hindi?

Meaning of concealed in Hindi is : स‌ंगुप्त

Definition of word concealed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of conceal. (verb)

Examples of word concealed

  • She noticed the label concealed a seam, a hidden compartment revealed some dark residue.
  • Junior was hunched forward on the seat, his wrists cuffed, the chain between his ankles vibrating with the motion of the truck, his expression concealed from Jackson Posey.
  • He had brought Danny Ward out from New York, arranged the fight for him with Billy Carthey, the date was three weeks away, and for two days now, carefully concealed from the sporting writers, Carthey had been lying up, badly injured.
  • How could the victim notify the perpetrator that this communication was unwelcome, given that one reason it was unwelcome was that it was fake and that the fakeness was being actively concealed from the victim?
  • Supreme Court case (about whether or not initiative signatures should be concealed from the public) has a weird line in it.
  • Everything in Ireland that was once concealed is now, for them, fair game: Is the Church still against fornication?
  • But wait!, you say, here are all the statistics for lower crime rates in concealed carry states and other relevant facts.
  • I personally have no interest in concealed or non-concealed public carry.
  • If the address is concealed, this form of enrichment would remain concealed for ever and a day.