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What is the meaning of concession in Hindi?

Meaning of concession in Hindi is : स्वीकृति

Definition of word concession

  • the act of conceding, especially that of defeat (noun)

Examples of word concession

  • Napoleon felt his _weakness_, and tried to win back popular _favor_ by concession after _concession_, until, at his fall, he had nearly restored parliamentary _government_.
  • They tested 23 readily available brands, and they grilled them on a-- what they call a concession-style rolling grill thing and came out with their list of top hot dogs.
  • Instead of pushing for the nuclear option of redundancy people have thought about what we call concession bargaining where there is a trade off for job security.
  • The sheriff said the trailer, which he described as a concession trailer, was stolen.
  • Right now, that means more of the long-term concession projects he expects to become increasingly popular.
  • Hague also attacked the alternative vote system, a referendum on which was a key concession from the Tories to the Lib Dems when they formed their coalition in May.
  • Far be it from our English women to permit such habits; and yet, as things are, a little concession is prudent.
  • An example that Mr. Folsom provided: the ferry magnate Robert Fulton, who operated successfully on the Hudson thanks to a 30-year exclusive concession from the New York state legislature.
  • The best negotiation is one where your main concession is to do something you should do anyway, and controlling cybercrime at home is definitely something we should do.