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What is the meaning of concise in Hindi?

Meaning of concise in Hindi is : स‌ंक्षिप्त

Definition of word concise

  • brief, yet including all important information (adjective)

Examples of word concise

  • The book also comes in concise and pocket editions, which are shorter but newer; i.e., they are not just abridged editions.
  • Our Constitution is drafted in concise and general propositions, which is a foundation of its longevity.
  • Annie R. Leo, Leo, Leo, No! Great advice, and EVERYONE should read and digest this, but the REAL SECRET in learning to be concise is … well, let me add a historic lesson.
  • The Director would have been well within his rights, and could not have been accused of discourtesy, if he had allowed a certain short, concise sentence at the left-hand corner of the official sheet of paper which he signed, to remain.
  • The material regarding H5N1, the historical aspect (1918), 'modern' concerns and home preparation are all included in short concise slides with ample graphics.
  • Finally, may be it is may fault to not understood clearly the meaning of the word concise in this product.
  • You'll find how-to videos marked "In Plain English" - concise but thorough blog posts about marketing technique and an entire group dedicated specifically to mastering search engine optimization.
  • They're not generally more than four lines with varying rhyme schemes, and the only real requirement is that they're witty and concise, which is what I suppose what people who scrawl things in public spaces think they're being.