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What is the meaning of conclude in Hindi?

Meaning of conclude in Hindi is : स्थापित करना

Definition of word conclude

  • To end, to come to an end. (verb)
  • To come to a conclusion, to a final decision. (verb)

Examples of word conclude

    • For the _distinctions_ are found, many of them, but we conclude _no precepts_ upon them '; it is induction then that we want here, after all -- _here_ also -- here as elsewhere:' the distinctions are found, many of them, but we _conclude no precepts_ upon them: wherein our fault is the greater, because both HISTORY,
    • And while the verbal branding will please royalists and harrumphing anti-modernist aesthetes, it's too early to conclude from a single press conference that the promise that the games will drive the regeneration of East London is being watered down.
    • Or, better: I cannot conclude from the invention of Klein bottles that there is a culture which has been drinking from them for millennia.
    • But to continue and conclude: is the category "honour killings" useful?
    • Whether or not they truly want the bill dead is not necessarily something you can conclude from the fact that they seem to be trying to kill it.