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What is the meaning of condolence in Hindi?

Meaning of condolence in Hindi is : हमदर्दी

Definition of word condolence

  • comfort, support or sympathy (noun)

Examples of word condolence

  • My greatest condolence is that at least their terms are limited.
  • The letter of condolence is for the family memebr not the deseaced.
  • He was survived by his niece Myrsene and his older brother Evangelos, who was bestowed the writ of condolence from the mayor of Athens on behalf of the nation at the funeral.
  • My faithful maid sent over to Allen's for Olga, who came bearing messages of condolence from the girls, and flowers and offers of financial assistance if it should be needed.
  • The Foreign Ministry said in a statement Sunday that it had received a message of condolence from the Thai government, which promised it was doing its best to bring the turmoil under control and ensure the safety of Japanese in Thailand.