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What is the meaning of conduct in Hindi?

Meaning of conduct in Hindi is : स‌ंचालन करना

Definition of word conduct

  • The act or method of controlling or directing (noun)
  • Skillful guidance or management; generalship. (noun)
  • The manner of guiding or carrying one's self; personal deportment; mode of action; behavior. (noun)
  • Plot; action; construction; manner of development. (noun)
  • To lead, or guide; to escort. (verb)
  • To lead, as a commander; to direct; to manage; to carry on; as, to conduct the affairs of a kingdom. (verb)
  • (reflexively to conduct oneself) To behave. (verb)
  • To serve as a medium for conveying; to transmit, as heat, light, electricity, etc. (verb)
  • To direct, as the leader in the performance of a musical composition. (verb)
  • To act as a conductor (as of heat, electricity, etc.); to carry. (verb)
  • To carry out (something organized) (verb)

Examples of word conduct

  • "We should expand military dialogue and exchanges, conduct and institutionalize cooperation\'\ 'and pursue a" code of conduct\'\ 'regarding territorial disputes in the South China Sea.
  • East, -- that truly noble, liberal, and charitable principle, "Do as you would be done by," influences the conduct of the better educated muselmen who have had long intercourse and negociations with Christians; and they do not fail to retort it upon us, whenever _our conduct_ deviates from it.
  • In this letter the Baron stated _fairly and moderately but without palliation_ in what light M. Bresson's conduct must necessarily appear _in London_, and what very naturally and most probably _must be the political consequences of such conduct_.
  • The notion that a law prohibiting certain conduct violates the equal protection rights of the class that wishes to engage in that conduct is ridiculous.
  • That defense bars conviction “when, acting with actual or apparent authority, a government official affirmatively assures the defendant that certain conduct is legal and the defendant reasonably believes that official.”


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