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What is the meaning of confect in Hindi?

Meaning of confect in Hindi is : मिठाई

Definition of word confect

  • To make up, prepare, compound, construct, assemble, form, mix, mingle or put together by combining ingredients or materials; to concoct. (verb)
  • To make into a confection; to prepare as a candy, sweetmeat, preserve, or the like. (verb)
  • A rich, sweet, food item made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts; a confection, comfit. (noun)

Examples of word confect

  • Do we come together to "confect" euchraist or do we come together to celebrate that which always and everywhere is?
  • Polls appear daily; conjecture abounds continually; media confect a frenzy.
  • Pureeing their own research with published sources, Mr. Summers and Ms. Swan confect a circumstantial case involving protection money paid by members of the huge royal family to keep bin Laden's terrorism outside the kingdom's borders, intercession by Saudi cultural agents—likely spies—to help two of the hijackers in California, and stonewalling by Saudi intelligence after the attacks.
  • I've managed to confect vague sympathy, but can't help feeling the snub would be put into perspective if female athletes would only turn to their well-thumbed copies of classical comedy.
  • Instead of having the studio confect costume jewelry for the film, DeMille ordered exact reproductions of ancient Egyptian jewelry that used real gold and precious stones.


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