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What is the meaning of conference in Hindi?

Meaning of conference in Hindi is : स‌ंमन्त्राधिवेशन

Definition of word conference

  • A multilateral diplomatic negotiation. (noun)
  • A formalized event where scientists present their research results in speeches, workshops, posters or by other means. (noun)
  • An event organized by a for-profit or non-profit organization to discuss a pressing issue -- like a new product, market trend or government regulation -- with a range of speakers. (noun)
  • A group of sports teams that play each other on a regular basis. (noun)

Examples of word conference

  • * RSA security conference - $3,995 conference+ | $2,195 regular conference
  • The existing legislation, and it will be changed in conference, is a modest step on the way to true reform. nathan smith ga
  • In a statement to 26september. net Saturday he clarified that the Joint Meeting parties JMP want to go into alliance with extremist forces of the al-Qaeda, advocates of secession and rebels through what they term conference of national consultation in order to impede the parliamentary elections.
  • The willingness of these attendees to rely mainly on their phones on the floor of the conference is a shift from years before.
  • Kazatchkine told Reuters in a telephone interview: "The outcome of this conference is absolutely key for millions of people around the world and this will not take us to where we were hoping to be."


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