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What is the meaning of confide in Hindi?

Meaning of confide in Hindi is : सौंपना

Definition of word confide

  • To trust, have faith (in). (verb)
  • To entrust (something) to the responsibility of someone. (verb)
  • To take (someone) into one's confidence, to speak in secret with. ( + in) (verb)
  • To say (something) in confidence. (verb)

Examples of word confide

  • I listen to it and I just kind of confide in certain people and I mush together everything. ...
  • After reading your nonsensical rant, I seriously doubt that anyone would "confide" in you again!
  • The signal-officer explained that the word "confide" would have to be spelt, and suggested instead the word "expects," as that was in the vocabulary.
  • Further, while the Lord will be the Sanctuary of such as confide in these promises and await their fulfilment, He will drive to confusion, darkness, and despair the vast multitude of the nation who despised His oracles, and, in their anxiety and distress, betook themselves to the lying oracles of the heathen.
  • This also is aggravated by some * unprofessional* colleagues who "confide" in students about the "limitations" of others.


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