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What is the meaning of confident in Hindi?

Meaning of confident in Hindi is : साहसी

Definition of word confident

  • very sure of something; positive (adjective)
  • self-confident (adjective)
  • Obsolete form of confidant. (noun)

Examples of word confident

  • V. iv.8 (521,1) the confident tyrant/Keeps still in Dunsinane, and will endure/Our setting down before't] He was _confident_ of success; so
  • Tom Quinn, a longtime political adviser, said Mr. Brown began the term confident that what had worked before would again.
  • On top, her expression confident, Sumi lowered her head.
  • Firstly, always remain confident and resolute when addressing someone who you believe has wronged you.
  • More confident is a good way to describe the president's mood when it comes to the overall economic outlook; extraordinarily cautious - his choice of words when looking at the economy from the perspective the matters most of everyday Americans.


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