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What is the meaning of confidingness in Hindi?

Meaning of confidingness in Hindi is :

Definition of word confidingness

  • The state or quality of being confiding. (noun)

Examples of word confidingness

  • A truly devout Catholic, in her grief she leaned with all a woman's trust and confidingness upon the love and power of Christ, and something of the divine calmness which we associate with the character of the mother of our Lord, and which has been so wonderfully depicted to the eye by some of the older painters, pervaded her spirit.
  • They combined the confidingness of a child with the poet-passion of heart and of intellect; and in gazing into them it was easy to read _why_ Mrs. Browning wrote.
  • The shopkeepers, restaurants, and gambling-houses, with an amiable confidingness peculiar to such people, had trusted the miners to that degree that they themselves were in the same moneyless condition.
  • Alone, alone … "So am I," he said, on a gush of confidingness.
  • He was rather better-looking in the face than she had supposed; and in this light she observed more clearly the rather odd expression he wore about the eyes, a quality of youthful hopefulness, a sort of confidingness: not the look of a brick-thrower, unless you happened to know the facts in the case.


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