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What is the meaning of confirm in Hindi?

Meaning of confirm in Hindi is : स्थिर करना

Definition of word confirm

  • To strengthen; to make firm or resolute. (verb)
  • To confer the Christian sacrament of confirmation. (verb)
  • To assure the accuracy of previous statements. (verb)

Examples of word confirm

  • They were all the lords of fairly small districts (as you can confirm from the map of Gondor in the book), none much bigger than another, except for the large fief of Belfalas and the remote and thinly populated Anfalas, ‘the Langstrand far away’; and they all seemed to be tenants in chief of the Steward himself.
  • The data and the trends once again confirm that venture-backed innovation remains alive and well, at least in select areas.
  • What this does confirm is two things about the way some banks responded to the flood of foreclosures:
  • The only one of those I can confirm is that he is very very smart.
  • The only thing that I can confirm is that it was taken in MAINE and its 400lbs


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