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What is the meaning of confound in Hindi?

Meaning of confound in Hindi is : हराना

Definition of word confound

  • To confuse; to mix up; to puzzle. (verb)
  • To fail to see the difference; to mix up; to confuse right and wrong. (verb)
  • To make something worse. (verb)
  • To cause to be ashamed; to abash. (verb)
  • To defeat, to frustrate, to thwart. (verb)
  • To damn (a mild oath). (verb)
  • To bring to ruination. (verb)
  • To stun, amaze (verb)
  • a confounding variable (noun)

Examples of word confound

  • Then he looked around, saying, How I wish that tug boat would hurry up; no more ten years spent in – confound it! what IS the name of that place?
  • Don't let the long product name confound you: this adapter is very easy to use and comes with software that will let you burn DVDs.
  • I see nothing but Danger and Distress, such as confound my Resolution, and non − plus my Courage.
  • He rushed upon Kanmakan, and they wheeled about awhile, giving blows and taking blows such as confound the sprite and dim the sight; but Kanmakan was the first to smite the foe a swashing blow, that rove through turband and iron skull cap and reached his head, and he fell from his steed with the fall of a camel when he rolleth over.
  • Now he loved science and geometry, and one festival-day as he sat on his kingly throne there came in to him three wise men, cunning artificers and past masters in all manner of craft and inventions, skilled in making things curious and rare, such as confound the wit; and versed in the knowledge of occult truths and perfect in mysteries and subtleties.


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